Date published: 28.09.2021


PTZ has signed an exclusive contract with the manufacturer of fuel level senders, company Teleoptik d.o.o.


Company presentation:

The company Teleoptik d.o.o. was established in 2007 through the process of privatization  from the company "Teleoptik" d.d., which was founded back in 1922 as the first Yugoslav factory for telephony, optics and precision mechanics.

For many years, they have been the most important manufacturers of the Fuel Tank Sending Unit for the domestic and regional market.

In the last few years, they have expanded their products to the European market and become one of the, if not - the most important and largest European suppliers for Fuel Level Senders for the FIAT vintage cars.

Their goal is to develop new products in cooperation with our partners that will meet the needs and fulfill the market for the vintage cars.

Long tradition, professional and experienced staff, ensures the development, planned and declared quality and reliability of their products.



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