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PTZ d.o.o. can boast with more than 50 years of tradition in manufacturing of PIENNE (PN) fuel pumps for all types of gasoline and diesel engines. Our products have been satisfying domestic and foreign customers all over the world for many years.

We are a small, but highly adaptable team that devotes a lot of attention to our customers and their needs in a way that we take care of fast product delivery and a constant expansion of the assortment. We are aware that in the present time customers want quality products, so with full coverage of inter-phase production processes and verification, we maintain complete control over our products and materials.

The company's goal is to become one of the leading manufacturers of fuel pumps in Europe and around the world. In order to follow the goals that we have set, for many years, we follow the guidance of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard. 


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