Our machinery fleet


PTZ d.o.o. uses a diverse fleet of machinery for the production of pumps, which has been constantly updated over the years. We are aware that in order to produce a quality product and ensure the well-being of our employees, we need to invest heavily in new and better equipment to make the work smoother and easier.


CNC naprava

CNC Machine


CNC machining centre


In recent years, along with the digitisation of production processes, we have also integrated the Feeler VMP-30 advanced CNC machining centre, which has been used to enable a range of operations from manual machining, drilling and turning. In addition to the newer Maxion multihead thread tapping machine which allows us to tap several threads at the same time, we have an eccentric press, several stand-alone drills which allow us to produce specialities or precise and demanding operations. A TRA drum blasting machine with an 80L chamber also helps us in the pre-preparation of the workpieces.


Press and marking techniques


For assembling semi-finished products, we use several pneumatic presses, 2 hydraulic presses and a range of other smaller, even older, machines that enable us to produce quality parts. We use 3 different techniques to mark our products to meet most of the needs on the market.


The oldest technique is Gravograph engraving. The process is time-consuming, but the engraving itself is very elegant. We are replacing the technique with a LEIBINGER InkJet printer with a conveyor belt and a portable InkJet MK3, which makes it easier to set up marking of difficult places. Iron and aluminium tubular pieces are marked with the MB71N device, which allows us to mark with the rolling technique.



Pneumatic press


Pakirnica MECPACK

MECPACK packaging machine


Robotski vijačnik FANUC

FANUC Robotic Screwdriver



Packaging line and warehouse


We use a high-performance FANUC robotic screwdriver to assemble the final products, which allows us to screw over a large surface area and can be programmed with our own knowledge. In the warehouse and packing room, a MECPACK packaging line with a tunnel, connected to a labelling line by a multi-metre long roller conveyor, helps our employees. Together they form an almost fully automatic packaging line, followed by a BOOM 210P automatic pallet wrapper. The warehouse handling itself is handled by an electric forklift truck and several electric manually operated lifting devices.




Own development department


We also have our own in-house development department, where we take care of the initial development and design of products for our own needs. We use SOLIDWORKS software for design, which we combine with a Sindoh 3D printer and an advanced 3D scanner, the RAPTOR 3DX.

Raptor3dx Skener

3D Optical Scanner RAPTOR 3DX



In the coming months, we will be adding a laser cutting machine and a new CNC lathe to our machine park, which will further improve the quality and competitiveness of our products.

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